The fresh new Senate Committee into Government Products in addition to House Panel for the Regulators Change is actually types of a

The fresh new Senate Committee into Government Products in addition to House Panel for the Regulators Change is actually types of a

10. ______ is the official hater desktop term for legislative supervision. a. Administrative rulemaking b. Executive advantage c. Adjudication d. Legislative review

eleven. ______ manage buck figures and you may incremental change annually. amittees on authorities businesses b. Permitting committees c. Appropriations committees d. Manager committees

A class drop off

thirteen. Exec right visited become popular within the ______ government. a. Clinton b. Nixon c. George W. Bush d. Ford

14. Congressional employees ______ of 1965 to help you 2009. an effective. twofold b. tripled c. is actually smaller in half d. resided an identical

15. The new ______ is starting to become Congress’s master sleeve having exploring the abilities of bodies apps. a great. Domestic Committee to the Regulators Reform b. Treasury Company c. Senate Panel with the Government Factors d. GAO

16. Outputs, overall performance, support service, top quality, and you may lead try standards having bodies businesses underneath the a good. Funds and you can Accounting Work. bpetition and Hiring Act. c. Authorities Efficiency and you will Abilities Operate. d. legislation of your own Senate Panel to the Bodies Items.

17. Depending on the Structure, all pursuing the keep genuine Except a good. Congress produces laws and regulations. b. Congress brings the newest bureaucracy and you will authorizes apps and you may program directors. c. Congress appropriates fund having software when you look at the government bureaucracy. d. Congress faithfully does statutes.

21. A good citizen’s stake inside the privacy regarding personal data have to be well-balanced contrary to the man’s straight to discover so they are able take part when you look at the democratic bodies. a. Correct b. Not the case

twenty two. The government Results and you can Overall performance Act enjoys somewhat changed the fresh fabric of congressional oversight of the demanding one to companies boost the matter and you may the quality of every piece of information they give so you’re able to Congress. a great. Genuine b. Untrue

According to Francis Age

sixteen. Part of the parts of bureaucratic obligation is a beneficial. federalism and moral decisions. b. bodies by proxy and you can separation regarding energies. c. legislative opinion and authorities by the proxy. d. responsibility and you will ethical behavior.

sixteen. The newest Western regulators is among the _______ of your own developed regions worldwide. A smallest b. biggest c. most powerful d. weakest

15. Current national investing was an excellent. give all over of many categories. B centered certainly a few classes. c. primarily spent on foreign aid and you may safeguards. d. concerned about new lead birth from properties.

step one. All adopting the are part of all round administrative puzzles you to Western government uses to settle brand new dilemmas caused by control But a good. interagency disagreement. b. representativeness. c. interagency dexterity. d. part away from professionals into the support and you may controlling performing factors.

1. The latest recent answers to public administration reform concern the brand new bureaucratic orthodoxy considering a good. downsizing. b. power and you will hierarchy. c. continuing improve. d. reengineering.

step three. ______ can occur when government firms just be sure to look for higher categories to possess current ranking. a beneficial. Grade slide b. Decrease in force c. Buyout d.

4. Based on Terry Moe there clearly was a beneficial mismatch amongst the public’s _____and you will ________which leads to a lot more governmental appointments. a. expectations of a president; the fresh new restricted tips available b. awareness of politics; versatile departments c. determination that have government; nonprofit gurus d. sight for regulators; state-level staffers

3. Rourke, public assistance to own an enthusiastic agency’s choice oftentimes originates from a couple of different sources; an agency’s ______ and you may ________. good. bulk social; mindful publics b. values; information c. constituents; budget d. politics; voting cut off

step 3. New Congressional Budget Place of work estimates that ranging from 2009 and you can 2020 the new federal obligations belonging to the public as the a share of complete economy usually an effective. raise. b. e. d. become irrelevant.

5. The government threats compromising manage, responsiveness, and often top quality whether it relies on ______ for system execution. a beneficial. backwards mapping b. whistle-blowers c. proxies d. congressional team

8. Regulatory management spins around the after the head viewpoints But good. sound choices. b. procedural fairness. c. prices reductions. d. plan end.

9. ______ try of government agencies’ shelter of private information including individuals’ tax returns. an effective. Management confidentiality b. Legislative remark c. Performance-based advice d. Exec privilege

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