The connection of your own triads to each other and the newest ‘nine qualities’ was discussed

The connection of your own triads to each other and the newest ‘nine qualities’ was discussed

9 Features of ‘Enlightened’ Becoming – Parts You to, One or two, and Around three John Fudjack – May/June/July, 1995. Concepts first put in this paper try returned to simply Five from ‘The Enneagram plus the MBTI: Wanting Popular Ground’.

9 Services of one’s ‘Enlightened Being’, Region Five John Fudjack – August, 1995. Within unpublished sequel with the a lot more than paper, the thought of a good ‘deep structure’ with the enneagram was first looked. Given that enticing since this suggestion is at enough time, and appear to is still (Helen Palmer has already turned into her focus on the same three triads), this principle did not seem to go along with study regarding empirical knowledge and you may book regarding the paper wasn’t sought. And further comparison on the system of your own Enneagram triggered our very own 1996 series of documents.

Carry out the triads which mode a symmetrical diagram composed of about three equilateral triangles whenever plotted to the enneagram community [(cuatro,7,1), (six,9,3), (5,8,1)] make-up the new ‘latent’ build of enneagram, undetectable under the more common diagram we always connect with it?

The brand new Downfalls away from Reliability: Science, Art, while the Enneagram John Fudjack – November, 1995. The task from Thomas Kuhn (the fresh new philosopher away from technology just who introduced the thought of ‘paradigm shifting’) can be used so you’re able to shed doubt to your sense that it is a greater reliability that’s needed on Enneagram profession. Brand new ‘rational-empirical’ design for the technology, hence displays a definite prejudice to your a particular identification class (brand new ‘ST’, in the MBTI words) is actually eschewed. Undergoing composing this short article the appeal increasingly turned to your the latest Jungian ‘four functions’, which were brand new key infrastructure to possess MBTI theory, with the expectation that it can reveal the latest strong build of the Enneagram.

MBTI and you may Enneagram from the L. J. Gabbard – January, 1995. Inside report Larry refers to his very own idea about the ‘deep structure’ of one’s Enneagram. The first brand of which paper was initially shown, he confides in us, in the an apt Fulfilling in 1994. All the 9 Enneagram ‘Points’ try characterized by MBTI models you to definitely exemplify a specific ‘preference struggle’ which he believes to get regarding the it. Based on Larry, by way of example, the ESTP/ENTP couples, and this means an ‘s-N principal- mode struggle’, characterizes Enneagram Point 7.

The brand new Enneagram of Awareness and you may Jungian Mindset because of the Walter Geldart – also provides a technique mapping aside practical facts in the 9 inter-related ‘inner’ procedure in the individual which might be directly for the the fresh Jungian ‘functions’. The guy speaks, properly, of the ‘Enneagram off Consciousness’, not the same as the currently common ‘Enneagram of Identity Type’. To have Walter, Part 3 is different in this people attempt to acceptably explain it requires a good ninth ‘process’, as well as the eight (En, In, Es, Is actually, Et, They, EF, IF) in the first place recognized by Jung. The guy argues that the brand new techniques matches directly on the Jungian ‘persona’.

And you will in the place of calculating the fresh new ‘I-values’ of your own MBTI products regarding the Enneagram Month-to-month questionnaire, we calculate new ‘I-values’ of Jungian designs – which have fascinating performance

The Original Formulation of Our Theory Part One- January, 1996. In this essay we described the importance of looking at the Enneagram in terms of ‘deep’ and ‘surface’ structure. We argued that traditional ‘triad’ theory fails to provide an adequate description of craigslist San Diego personals California the Enneagram’s deep structure.

Inside the Security of our Unique Principle John Fudjack – 1996. It report, a reaction to a criticism out of Enneagram/MBTI theories by the Tom Flautt, to start with appeared in July out of 1996 since ‘The Persisted Look for Popular Ground’. Involved we utilize the notion of ‘data lenses’ for the very first time (a strategy afterwards said in more detail in our 1997 paper on the ‘S-N Blindness’).

Documentation Before All of our Enneagram/ MBTI Idea
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