Here are ATEEZ’s Most useful Matchmaking Sizes, Based on Their MBTI Users

Here are ATEEZ’s Most useful Matchmaking Sizes, Based on Their MBTI Users

In the event MBTI identification products try a true way of measuring somebody’s reputation can be a bit debatable, but it’s nonetheless an appealing little bit of studies to know about on your own, otherwise your preferred idols!

ATEEZ has taken brand new MBTI character style of try, it is therefore public knowledge and this versions all of them. Out of this guidance, actually its most useful designs will likely be computed (to some degree)! This really is mainly for fun built off the stereotypes from exactly what almost all their designs are like, and never precisely what the users has told you for themselves, thus would continue one in your mind.

step 1. Seonghwa, Wooyoung, and Jongo: ESFJ (The fresh new Caregivers)

Seonghwa, Wooyoung, and Jongho are typical the Extroverted, Sensing, Perception, and you will Judging character type. These types usually love individuals, as they are trying to find other people and bringing out an informed from inside the anyone else! In terms of relationship, ESFJs have been shown to enjoy traditionalism, also with some adventure – such, starting out having restaurants and a motion picture, but doing off of the day which have one thing adventurous like a great horseback trip otherwise nightly coastline go.

Nevertheless they delight in individuals who are polite and you will respectful, though with a little some surprise too! Interaction is vital to help you ESFJs, particularly in that it need to be real and you will respectful.

2. Hongjoong and you will San: INFP (The fresh new Idealists)

Hongjoong and you may San was the Introverted, User-friendly, Impact, and Seeing personality style of. It character form of is approximately putting some community a far greater place, and you can believes profoundly concerning meaning of lives. They have a tendency to get idealists and you may perfectionists too! With regards to dating, this type appeal strong emotional trustworthiness in the a love, the type of relationships in which both parties can easily open up about their strongest view and you will wants.

A fantastic type of time would-be something that lets the spouse to share what they delight in and you can worry about – such, at a bookstore where you could explore your favorite stories, otherwise an art gallery where you can talk about your favorite bits. Schedules that have private definition, for example providing from the a soups home or volunteering for some other team, are at the top of record.

step three. Yunho: ENFJ (The latest Givers)

Yunho ‘s the Extroverted, Intuitive, Impact, and you may Judging character kind of. Which character type of is even very shopping for handling anybody else, and are apt to have expert public experiences. The fresh prefer to support and you may encourage those individuals they love, and just have fulfillment from viewing others enable it to be using their reassurance.

When it comes to relationships, it crave to take dates that allow an intense, steeped, real experience in the person these are generally having. They wish to familiarize yourself with why are its spouse tick, and you can talk about the human attention. They also have a feeling of adventure, in the event, and you may an impromptu midnight move otherwise something that becomes the blood pumping might possibly be liked!

4. Yeosang: ISFJ (The newest Nurturers)

Yeosang ‘s the Introverted, Feeling, Effect, and you can Judging identification style of. Which identity form of are, most of all, type and you can warm-hearted, in addition they often comprehend the best in anyone else. Balance and you will venture are the thing that they desire, and are usually very intuitive on thoughts off other people.

Into the dating, old-designed relationship and you will using is really what they desire. They are extremely for the song to exactly how its big date food anyone else, as well as how engaged it seem to be about day. This type is actually sensitive to dishonesty and you may disinterest, and then have getting many rely upon their mate to enjoy themselves. A peaceful, sexual house dining date could be the finest types of for an enthusiastic ISFJ.

5. Mingi: ENTP (Brand new Visionaries)

Mingi ‘s the Extroverted, Easy to use, Convinced, and you can Perceiving identity type of. Which identity type’s strongest appeal should be to see the globe as much as them, and therefore are always taking-in facts about the landscaping and you can ecosystem and get a passionate instinct within the sizing up factors. Therefore, ENTPs generally have a much deeper knowledge of life and other people than really.

With regards to dating, they really take pleasure in intellectual challenges. Schedules who does include deep-thinking and you may fascinating conversations who does open its brain to help you this new solutions is really what they might eg really, so they really need to have a night out together that has brilliant discussion! They also have a spontaneous romantic side, however, plus one such as for example an unexpected sunday getaway or romantic picnic from the coastline could be a beneficial introduction.

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