Feel sleek under my pants, and feel sexy by allowing a little bit of «bounce» as I walk around

Feel sleek under my pants, and feel sexy by allowing a little bit of «bounce» as I walk around

Male customer’s feedback: «Gorgeous Panties. The Shadowline Satintrique nylon is so sheer and smooth. Great panties for a male, with plenty of room up front. Very nice panty, and will buy more. Be aware guys, that some anatomical outlines might be visible by others when you wear these.»

The material is so soft and smooth that they feel wonderful on. I wear these every day squirt.org and will never go back to men’s underwear again.»

Male customer’s feedback: «Very nice soft silky fabric. Very comfortable panty with a little more style than granny panties. Ordered two sizes smaller, maybe should have gone down three sizes.»

Male customer’s feedback: «I love these panties!

Male customer’s feedback: «Comfortable nylon panties with great front support These silky undies feel good all day and the hi-cut design lifts and supports a man very well. The slippery nylon caresses you as you walk and makes it HARD to go back to men’s underwear. Exciting, uplifting, just great feeling panties.»

Male customer’s feedback: «The V shape holds a fellow right up front and offers great support ! Silky sensuous nylon is a pleasure to wear ; it caresses you as you walk and move. The light airy fabric is never too hot, so these panties are comfortable and exciting at the same time.»

I wear them every day and love the fit and the way that they feel against my skin

Male customer’s feedback: «This was the first time I purchased these panties. They are high waisted, and have a large gusset, which I prefer in my panties. The material was super sexy and wonderful. Will buy these again.»

Male customer’s feedback: «Just like the spandex hi cuts, I knew that they were going to be one of my favorites. But these have one more thing that I’ve only found on one other style of panties ( call out on Jockey supersoft and supersoft breath briefs). You can hardly tell that you have them on ( Jockeys at the waist and these give you a very slight cheeky feel). The nylon is soft and the leg and waist bands are amazing to me. Will also be buying these for my wife. Hope she likes them as much as I do. Thanks Shadowline for making a wonderful pair of panties, and making white, ivory, nude, and black so sexy. I just wish you would offer them in more colors. I would be willing to bet that more people would take a chance and try them out.»

Male customer’s feedback: «I find these panties to be very comfortable with a little bit of descreet sexiness to go with them. They are well constructed. Use the hand wash cycle and air dry. Tried a size 6 and 7. 6’s were very tight and the 7’s seemed to be quite a bit larger, but they fit me perfectly. They do have the high Shadowline rise, which you might want to watch out for, but since I enjoy wearing 4 other styles of Shadowline full brief panties, it doesn’t matter to me. Just wish they would come in more colors like the hidden band and comfort bands do.»

Shadowline Plus Size Nylon Hi-Leg Brief Panty 17842P Male customer’s feedback: «Very comfortable panties,wash well,wear well,much cooler on hot days as I work outside,they are great for the male or female wearer who is all about comfort,very pleased with the panties.»

Male customer’s feedback: «These panties are the best quality and softest, smoothest material that I have ever worn. I am of the male persuasion and love the feel of nylon but can’t get that in men’s underwear. I have several styles including the hipster but I really prefer to wear the high cuts. I give Shadow Line the highest marks because their material is head and shoulders over anyone else.»

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